How to prolong the life of acrylic nails?

Acrylic nails are strong and beautiful, but will inevitably require time and money costs of maintaining the shape or to replace them. Although the health of their own nails acrylic nails are often needed to completely remove by following these tips, you can help your artificial nails to hold out as long as possible and thereby reduce the cost of a manicure salon.

1. If you work a lot with his hands, the nails should be shorter. Even if the job is typing on the keyboard, the constant pressure on the nail may eventually lead to a broken nail. A short length of acrylic nail can significantly reduce the load on the nail.

2. Wear gloves when doing housework and using chemical means. Yes, it is unpleasant to wear this ugly rubber gloves, wiping the table in the kitchen, but every time the cleaner comes into contact with nails, acrylic breaks a little more. At a minimum, wear gloves, washing dishes or bathe.

3. Immediately fill the “bump” the place before the moisture and microbes will be able to penetrate into the empty space. Or tape, glue, can contribute to the emergence of bacteria and fungus nails.

4. Perform hand massage to enhance circulation, and take supplements that contain calcium, to maintain the health of their own nails. This can cause a more rapid regrowth of nails, and, hence, accelerate the need to fill in with acrylic nail-growth, but by taking care of the health of nails, at least you will not lose your opportunity to build on these artificial nails.

5. On acrylic nails, use the nail polish remover that does not contain acetone. Acetone destroys the acrylic, it is often used by professionals for removing acrylic nails. Also, avoid funds with high levels of alcohol, because alcohol dries the acrylic nails and makes them brittle.


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