French manicure at home

For nearly forty years, the French manicure is considered to be the most fashionable and relevant, as is suitable to almost any outfit and makes your nails natural, neat, but stylish and elegant. In the classic version combines two colors – white and pink and beige. Ironically, the French manicure is actually invented in America, so named to make it more popular. In any case, the versatility, beauty and sophistication of this type of manicure ladies appreciated all over the world successfully applying it on all occasions. “French” (as referred to in abbreviated form) can be done at any salon, but you can create a “miracle” and at home.

You will need:
– Arrangements for regular manicures;
– White lacquer,
– Pink-beige (natural) nail;
– Base coat;
– Top coat.

First you need to make a regular manicure – nails give shape to postpone or cut the cuticles, nail polish the surface and apply a lacquer base. You can then proceed to the main processing of each nail. First applied to the entire nail plate beige paint, no more than two layers, and wait until it dries. Now comes the big moment – the application of white paint on the tip of the nail. Apply the white paint on the protruding part of the nail, forming in this “smile line”, it should be done very carefully so that line was smooth and rounded, and its boundaries clear. Once dry, cover all the fixative. Done!

Maybe you do not succeed right away, but gain experience, you can easily make a fashionable manicure, not while spending money and a lot of time. Greatly simplify the task, you can by purchasing the standard set for the jacket, a manicure, which includes two strips of paint and templates. Glue the templates under the protruding part of the nail, you can easily makeup tip of the nail and white paint your “smile line” will be perfect.

Make it more elegant French manicure can be, decorating it with rhinestones, sequins or intricate patterns. Also, women today often experiment with colors, using the basic technique of labeling the French manicure.


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