Women’s Manicure – history and origin

From the time immemorial, women have always worried about how she looks. She always wanted to excite the imagination of men, she was not still attractive and go whether she is. We should not forget that beauty is made up of several components, one of which is women’s hands, beautiful, well-groomed, with healthy nails.

Manicure certainly could claim to be the first cosmetic services. Manicure, translated from Latin means «manus» brush, «cure» care. The first manicure set in gold was found in excavations of ancient Babylon, age 3200 years BC. Manicure was an art in ancient Egypt. Women of Egypt was rubbed into the skin of the hands of various formulations of incense and oils. Even then, there were special herbal extracts that strengthen the nails. To dye the nails used henna. For shade, in which nails are painted, it was possible to judge the Egyptian caste. Slave permitted only pale hues, while the noble women used vibrant colors.

In ancient China, nail paint made from egg whites, wax, gelatin. Very popular among Chinese women was a silver and gold paint, a little later – is black. Paint the nail – is the prototype of modern paints, throughout history, they improved and gained its present appearance. First (18th century), had the look of lacquer paste, which was polished nail file, after application to the nail. In the 20th century lacquer became familiar to us consistency and bought in pharmacies. During the Second World War there was a nail enamel, just before the base and top coating, allowing longer hold a varnish.

In the history of manicure and had a value of length of nails. As well as color, length of nails showed to belong to persons of a particular class. Long fingernails in ancient cultures also signified the wisdom of their owner. Even in those times there were plates that extend the length of the nail.

Particularly popular artificial nails were in the 50s. In 60 years, thanks to the discovery of a dentist, was used in manicure acrylic. The first acrylic nails peculiar smell, that is, material from which they were made, had a sharp, unpleasant smell. Later, in the 70s, there was no smell of acrylics. Manicure can be a classic, European, hardware, and a spa manicure, dry and wet, depending on the method of removing the cuticle.

Today, not only manicure false nails, different shades of nail polish, etc. things, above all, a comprehensive hand care.


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