Which color suits your nails?

Do you still think that nail polish should always be the same color lipstick, purse, or in any squad? You are mistaken, and many are missing, now fashion has leaped forward, but such stereotypes anymore. As before, everyone’s favorite bright red nail polish, which was considered, that is suitable for all outfits and for all the cases already use it is now quite vulgar and not natural, of course red paint still can and should be used, but with some additions, and in certain cases.

When choosing colors for your nail polish is necessary to approach this creatively can sometimes be a trial and error, or better yet intuitive.

More often necessary to match the color of lacquer with matching your skin tone. Look at your hands and the hands of friends, you’ll notice that their skin that will be different from yours and then one more suitable one pitch you can also completely different.

If you have skin the color of peach and dark golden brown then take a look at the warm colors: orange, dark red or copper.

Pale skin is recommended to apply varnish bright colors: white or may be light pink or red tone.

If you skin is closer to the gentle pink color that you recommended colors of orange, coral red hues.

Just do not be afraid to use contrasting colors, very cool look!


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