Strengthen nails at home

Beautiful well-groomed nails – an integral component of feminine beauty and attractiveness. And every woman can make sure that her hands, nails always look flawless. Especially because it is not necessary to disappear for days at beauty salons, spending on manicures pedicures, “frantic” money – many treatments, nail care and can be done at home, emphasizing this very short time.

Why nail care as required? The fact that under the influence of various unfavorable factors, our nails are becoming more subtle, exfoliate, break, get an ugly appearance.

So, how can you help your nails? First and foremost, you should take care of feeding the nails – up to you to ensure your nails healthy substances such as mineral salts, vitamins A and D, calcium and so on.

Need to carefully monitor their diet. Products such as dates, figs, almonds, green vegetables, avocado, yeast, fish, vegetable oils, dairy products, wheat products, whole grains, will help ensure your body, in particular, the nails, all the necessary vitamins and minerals. It should also drink fresh juices from carrots, beets, oranges.

Available over the counter vitamin B7, which is almost indispensable in the procedures for strengthening nails.

In this case, feeding the nails from the inside, do not forget also about strengthening them outside. You can use the ultra-hip modern tonic, established on the basis of diamond microparticles. This tool will create on the surface of the nail strong neat film will protect your nails, give them a healthy shine.

However, more and more popular today are bio-gel, which should be applied to the nail plate before applying polish. It is better to give preference to biogel tocopherol and calcium – tocopherol prevents clean nails, the second will help get rid of the brittleness.

You can strengthen your nails and using different folk remedies, which may be prepared and used at home.

One of the most popular and effective tools are oil bath. For their preparation should be warmed a bit unrefined sunflower oil, which is poured into a suitable bowl and mix with 4-6 drops of an alcoholic solution of iodine. Fingernails are immersed in the mixture and kept there for several minutes.

You can also periodically based on restorative bath salt. To prepare the bath should be a glass of water to boil, put it in one teaspoon of salt. After that, the water should be slightly cool (should remain hot, but it should not burn). Hands dipped into the hot solution for a few seconds (10-15), then rinsed under running water, soak a towel. For a more pronounced effect should be applied to your hands and nails in glycerine.


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