Stencils, ribbons and pictures

The use of stencils
Reusable stencils – an easy way to create clear images. There is a wide selection of ready-made templates, but you can make your own, cut with a knife to form small sheet of flexible cardboard. Apply two coats of your chosen basecoat, let it dry completely. To the edge of the picture turned out clear, apply the stencil and make sure it is tight against the nail. Fix it with a sponge and apply makeup on top a small amount of paint. Do not remove the stencil paint to dry completely.

Tape for the strips
This narrow self-adhesive tape can be used as a complement to a picture or as a guide for drawing straight lines. Its width can be arbitrary (not less than 1 mm). It is available in various colors and decorated with various patterns such as squares, hearts or “diamonds.” Apply two coats of your chosen basecoat, let it dry completely. Put the tape on the nail so that its tip extends slightly beyond the outer cut. Hold the tape and cut the tip. Cover the entire nail bed of the protective agent.

Coverage figures protective layer
Water-based paints for nail, adhesive tape, glued decorations and decals are easy to get off when they wash, if not covered with a layer of protective means. Here will suit any coating or protective means for fixing the image. However, special protective equipment is stronger than the standard strengthens the coating and should always be used when drawing included crystals, and to prevent their displacement.



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