A long time ago woman to be even more beautiful nails decorated with various patterns of hands and colors and as they say beauty is reached to the fingertips. However, few people thought that just require the same care and toenails!

Typically, clients in various beauty salons nail down leads in good condition with a variety of media, but few books decoration.

Today’s fashion is very diverse, and fashion for women’s summer shoes are is specialized. Here’s Shoes minimal in its design and it is usually like sandals that reveal the foot almost completely. Women feet chained the attention of others and not allowed to toenails were not well-kept condition. So it is better to use and what kind of design to choose for an open summer shoes?

From personal experience I can tell right away that anyone who looks good manicure on the nails of hands will look as good on your nails and feet. Need only consider one thing – the nails of the feet are much smaller than the nails on the hands, well, of course, except the nail on the thumb down. And to prepare the nail design should reflect that fact.

It should also take into account the weather conditions. Weather in our country is changing frequently, and thus preparing the toe nails for a manicure should be prepared without much work and effort to change shoes for the summer and more light or vice versa at the close.
Typically, the design on your nails done down varnish, paint, used crystals, rings, belts and other materials. If you correctly pick the color combination of evening dresses and nail polish, you can achieve the ideal of completeness, and toenails are excellent the last point.

Those who like strong colors, that is black and white, you can suggest a very simple design manicure.
Just like on your nails and hands down the nails modeling is performed using acrylic and gel.

If there are no obvious defects of nails, you should still prefer gels. With their help, you can create a very thin coating that will protect your nails from harmful environmental influences, ie fungal disease, chlorinated water, as well as drying the nail plate.

Acrylic is used for modeling the correction of platinum nail for instance if it is partially missing or damaged in some places. Perform simulation can almost concurrently with the design.

On a large nail can be performed any bulk composition size. Experience shows that people are going on holiday in hot countries or resorts to do on the big toe surround a flower or a butterfly.


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