Manicure hygiene is the most popular treatments for hands

There are several types of modern manicure, which define the main ways of technology: the method of softening the cuticle – the “dry” or “wet”, by the method of disposal – cut or uncut.

Also distinguish between the classical, European, hardware, decorative and French manicure with a pumice stone.

Classical technique of the traditional manicure includes nail steaming in soapy water, processing and removal nail ridges of cuticle. The classic manicure is intended to remove cuticles with scissors or forceps. He is considered dangerous, as possible cuts.

The “wet” manicure – the usual procedure. Hands dipped in warm water to softened cuticle and it can be carefully cut with scissors or forceps. Such a good manicure softens the skin and is perfect for running or bitten nails.

In the European manicure cuticle rough skin and remove drugs – kerotolitikami that help dissolve and remove the cuticle. With this technique, rule out the possibility of cuts manicure cuticle and likely to be infected organism pathogens of various diseases.

“Hot” manicure – a kind of “wet”. The name comes from the way of softening the cuticle. Customer’s hands is treated with hot kremopodobnym lotion that warms to the special heaters for 15 min. Lotions contain a variety of herbal ingredients: peach or olive oil, vitamin E and A, lanolin, ceramides, mineral supplements. These components contribute to the mitigation of the cuticle, the rapid growth of nails, their saturation with nutrients.

“Hot” manicure used for the treatment of thin nails, as well as for children’s manicure. It is recommended to do once a week. Also, this procedure is most appropriate in the cold time of year.



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