Manicure for men

For a long time manicure services used exclusively women, but today the situation is different.

Graceful hands with beautiful, neat, manicured nails, can sometimes say more about the man than his brand phone, watch or car.

Manicure for men is the same as an ordinary procedure for brushing your teeth or cutting.

In the stronger sex, there is one weighty advantage over women. They spared the choice not to think about the shape or color of nails, just enough to maintain their status periodically using the services of manicure.

Basic procedures in male manicure salon includes: cuticle, nail polish, the creation or adjustment of the form of nails, deburring, mitigation procedures for hands, nail transparent protective lacquer.

Upon request, manicures for men can be supplemented with other effective treatments, such as softening and removing rough skin around nails, calluses on the palms. For this purpose, means exfoliating.


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