Japanese miracle manicure

Every woman dreams of having beautiful and well-groomed nails. After all the nails (for us women) – a mirror of the soul. According to our nails judge ourselves. According to studies, if a girl’s problem with nails – and hence the health is not all right. Some of these cases go on a diet (which can lead to even more worse as nails), while others – decide to build your nails and do not suffer. But there is a universal method by which you will not have any torturing himself diets, nor strengthen nails, which are after will become even worse. This way – the Japanese manicure. We have all heard about the French, American, but the Japanese – what is it? If you suffer from brittle nails and want to improve their appearance, be sure to use the procedure. So, where do you start a manicure? The next stage – pre-treatment. Then they will be marked with a paste that is made from nutrients and ingredients. After applying the paste, cover the nail with a special varnish. Result will not be long in coming, will be about 2 weeks and you’re away; changes. Of course, this manicure should be done only by a specialist. Itself will not work, because we need to have special preparations. As for the procedure, it is this:

1.How was mentioned above, it all begins with diagnosis. What is here? First, the nails are cleaned and disinfected. At this time, experts have decided for themselves the whole sequence of actions, because the diagnosis was performed.
2.Sleduyuschim step is moisturizing the nail with a special serum, as well as drawing on her cuticles.
3.Samym important step is the preparation and application of medicinal paste, which includes calcium to strengthen nails and crumb-pearl for alignment of the nail. All this prevents foliation, brittle nails.
4.Poverh this miracle powder paste is applied, which prevents external pressure on the nail through the silicon of its member.
5.Posle your nail polish this.
6.I final stage will massage your hands and nails small bags, inside of which are herbs and other nutrients.

Japanese miracle manicure advised to do every two weeks. During this time, absorbed all the nutrients that are in the paste. Be sure to pamper your nails manicured and so they would repay you for this beauty.

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