How to make a perfect French manicure?

How do you know for sure, the main task is to make a nice thin stripes, and that’s when it will be naturally beautiful look nails. You will need a special sticker, stencil for the French manicure. This article from the above mentioned, you also probably already know about it. But often, those who make this striped yourself at home, there are problems. Namely, that turns out not even polosochka or using a stencil, after the removal of stains are formed. Agree not very impressive sight, after much work done with nails. I offer advice on solving these problems.

In most cases the cause of the brush, which is used together with lacquer. She is very thin, she needs to spend about three times on the nails to paint the surface of the nail completely. Because of this, and there is a surplus of polish, so obtained any bumps or bruises when using a stencil.

Try to buy a special plane and at the same time a broad brush. If it is hard to find in the department of manicure, go to the art store. The main thing that it was a short, relatively soft and broad, the length of your nails. And then just, you can at a time, apply a thin and even coat of lacquer on the nail. After applying the varnish to wash the brush for later use.

Or even as an option, first make the basic background (such as pink), and then you need to draw on top of lacquer stripes with a white lacquer. In the case of, if not get to make a perfectly flat line, you can tweak it with the help of the corrector for the paint, it looks like a pencil.



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