How to apply varnish to the nails

In order to remain healthy nails and had a nice view, you need to learn how to properly apply varnish to your nails. The most important thing is, that when applied to nails to nail them dry and free of grease. To do this, wipe clean and dry with a towel along the nails. If the nails after the film is oily, you can remove it with nail polish remover, cotton wool for this wet and a bit of liquid nails clean. Through these actions are not clever, nail polish will last for a few days longer. Then apply polish to nails-based, this will prevent possible yellowing of the nail and you will be able to achieve a smooth application of the rest of the varnish.

When you open the bottle when you take a brush, then press it to the edges, thus you remove excess paint.

Often, many begin to paint the nails from the root of the nail, it is a delusion, or you will be more soil and the root of the skin around the nail, it is best to start from the middle of the nail paint and a brush to slowly to the root. Spend a longitudinal strip from the root of the nail to the tip, without stopping and with the same intensity. Then fill in the same way the rest do not already shaded area nail.

When it was painted over the entire nail, you need to let it dry lacquer, usually it takes about five minutes.

Sometimes there are small errors even for the professionals, when applying nail polish – polish gets on your skin. To remove lacquer, used pen, inside it contains nail polish remover. In case you have not found it there, you can use the means at hand, take a stick to clean his ears and a cotton wool impregnated with nail polish remover, then draw a stick where you want to remove unnecessary varnish.


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