Gel or acrylic nails: which is better?

The choice between acrylic and gel nails, it is certainly not a matter of life and death, but for a beginner can be difficult. But do not you first, do not you and the last, because women have more than 5 thousand years, do manicures, to strengthen, lengthen and make more beautiful your nails.

Acrylic nails.

To make your nails longer, false nails glued to the ends of the natural nail, and the top is covered with acrylic or gel. Acrylic nails are a blend of liquid acrylic polymer powder which is applied on top of the nail. Acrylic nails are cheaper than helium, it is easier to make a house or fix a broken nail. They are also easier to shoot: you need only 15-20 minutes, and acetone. But there are drawbacks. Acrylic nails are harmful to natural nails, and sometimes after taking leave traces.

Gel nails.

On acrylic nails and nail helium lasts longer than natural, though the helium nails look better without the varnish. To perform helium nails, you need more experience. The nail is covered with a thin layer of gel, and then the gel is dried under a source of ultraviolet light. Compared with acrylic, gel nails look more natural, but they are more expensive. But the helium coating is odorless, while the acrylic blend very strong chemical smell. Unfortunately, the gel nails are hard to do, and fix at home. Shoot them too complicated. Since helium does not dissolve the surface with acetone, the specialist should carefully saw off her. Another disadvantage of helium nails that are less resistant than acrylic.

What could be better?

It all depends on the circumstances. If your main concern is to prevent damage to natural nails, then your choice – gel nails because they are more forgiving. But they cost more and make them better in the cabin. If you work a lot with his hands, it is better to choose acrylic nails because they are better preserved, and will cost you less. In any case, consult with experts before making a decision about which artificial nails you choose.


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