European manicure

There are opinions that the cuticle cutting, it becomes rougher and faster growing. Moreover, the cuticle is studded with regrown small burrs, under which can become infected. Therefore, the European manicure is as yet “no manicure”, and it is also of two kinds:

2.dry (not recommended for nails that are now in poor condition)

It is very important for the use of the nail polish remover to contain acetate instead of a cheaper option – acetone which is destroying your nails.

For gentle treatment of the cuticle must use special preparations for the removal of cuticle (butter, cream, lotion or gel), they dissolve dead skin cells and cuticle as an additional property beneficial effect on the skin around the nails as contain vitamins and other nutrients.

At a European manicure should first remove the old nail polish and give your nails a break in 15-45 minutes.

To shape the nails, in contrast to other techniques in the European manicure does not apply to use of scissors, but with saws.

As mentioned a bit earlier this type of nail may be either dry or wet. The only difference is the removal of the cuticle.

In a wet manicure hand to steam out of the bath with special lotions. For better results, add a few drops of lemon juice or a favorite essential oil.

After this put on nail tool to soften the cuticle. After 5 minutes, to push the cuticles using a rubber hoof (or orange stick).

In the dry tub with manicure lotions do not need. Immediately applied on the nail for removing the cuticle, after several minutes it dissolved, and all these things must be carefully wiped away with a tissue. What’s left to clean up the remnants of a stick with leather polish.

Then apply a nourishing cream and massage the area of ​​the nails. And in the end do the polishing.


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