Composition of manicure

Of course, to determine the pattern, having in front of posters or postcards, are not very difficult. But if you do not want to simply copying others’ designs, it is necessary to think about such an important part of the design as its composition.
The figure brought forward from the card or wallpaper can just look poorly on the nail.
This will happen if you ill-conceived layout of an element of decor, the ratio values ​​of color patches with respect to each other, their saturation, brightness, or muted. The composition is just looking at these issues. Because the same pattern can attract and hold attention only if its correct location on the nail.
When you create a decor can be based on four components, which determine the laws of composition. They are the line, the edge of the picture, tone and color. We first consider the first two factors.
One of the important elements of any picture is the presence of a central, axial lines, or, as it is called, the dominant. The design on the nail does not make this exception. It can be a center of symmetry of the nail, or, conversely, be a center of asymmetry. The direction of this line, emphasizing the line can be horizontal, vertical, diagonal, or circular. The correct choice of the direction of the line, its slope, the location of its start and end point of intersection with the others – all capable of carrying a variety of information to make your nails beautiful fairy, or vice versa.

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