Changing the shape of the nails without building!

The world is not perfect, but it can be something that both fix it!
You’ve probably heard about optical illusions that make our eyes see slightly different views. I’m sure you are using optical illusions in the choice of clothing, for example, you know, choosing clothes with vertical elements in normal human eyes, will look into it much slimmer than the clothes with stripes in width. Or that the black cloth visually reduces the amount of real figures. It is common knowledge.
It is very easy to change the shape of nails with extensions, but let’s come to the nail-art technology – creatively and look at how to use optical illusions can affect the shape of nails.

In order to visually narrow the large nails to be a little rounded at the ends and not necessarily their paint so that visually make your nails longer.
If you nail a triangular form, ie when the upper part is lower, we recommend that the tips of the nails rasp oval, with the edge is desirable to leave without varnish.

If you are the owner of the rectangular nails, do not do them much longer. The tips make a round. When using paint you can not paint over the edge of the nails.
If you have long fingers that looked visually shorter, you need to completely sawed nails and paint over the entire surface so they will look wider and shorter.
European species is contraindicated manicure when you have a wide arm and fingers are short, because the nail plate is rectangular in shape visually their


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