How to prolong the life of acrylic nails?

Acrylic nails are strong and beautiful, but will inevitably require time and money costs of maintaining the shape or to replace them. Although the health of their own nails acrylic nails are often needed to completely remove by following these tips, you can help your artificial nails to hold out as long as possible and thereby reduce the cost of a manicure salon.

1. If you work a lot with his hands, the nails should be shorter. Even if the job is typing on the keyboard, the constant pressure on the nail may eventually lead to a broken nail. A short length of acrylic nail can significantly reduce the load on the nail.

2. Wear gloves when doing housework and using chemical means. Yes, it is unpleasant to wear this ugly rubber gloves, wiping the table in the kitchen, but every time the cleaner comes into contact with nails, acrylic breaks a little more. At a minimum, wear gloves, washing dishes or bathe.

3. Immediately fill the “bump” the place before the moisture and microbes will be able to penetrate into the empty space. Or tape, glue, can contribute to the emergence of bacteria and fungus nails.

4. Perform hand massage to enhance circulation, and take supplements that contain calcium, to maintain the health of their own nails. This can cause a more rapid regrowth of nails, and, hence, accelerate the need to fill in with acrylic nail-growth, but by taking care of the health of nails, at least you will not lose your opportunity to build on these artificial nails.

5. On acrylic nails, use the nail polish remover that does not contain acetone. Acetone destroys the acrylic, it is often used by professionals for removing acrylic nails. Also, avoid funds with high levels of alcohol, because alcohol dries the acrylic nails and makes them brittle.


French manicure at home

For nearly forty years, the French manicure is considered to be the most fashionable and relevant, as is suitable to almost any outfit and makes your nails natural, neat, but stylish and elegant. In the classic version combines two colors – white and pink and beige. Ironically, the French manicure is actually invented in America, so named to make it more popular. In any case, the versatility, beauty and sophistication of this type of manicure ladies appreciated all over the world successfully applying it on all occasions. “French” (as referred to in abbreviated form) can be done at any salon, but you can create a “miracle” and at home.

You will need:
– Arrangements for regular manicures;
– White lacquer,
– Pink-beige (natural) nail;
– Base coat;
– Top coat.

First you need to make a regular manicure – nails give shape to postpone or cut the cuticles, nail polish the surface and apply a lacquer base. You can then proceed to the main processing of each nail. First applied to the entire nail plate beige paint, no more than two layers, and wait until it dries. Now comes the big moment – the application of white paint on the tip of the nail. Apply the white paint on the protruding part of the nail, forming in this “smile line”, it should be done very carefully so that line was smooth and rounded, and its boundaries clear. Once dry, cover all the fixative. Done!

Maybe you do not succeed right away, but gain experience, you can easily make a fashionable manicure, not while spending money and a lot of time. Greatly simplify the task, you can by purchasing the standard set for the jacket, a manicure, which includes two strips of paint and templates. Glue the templates under the protruding part of the nail, you can easily makeup tip of the nail and white paint your “smile line” will be perfect.

Make it more elegant French manicure can be, decorating it with rhinestones, sequins or intricate patterns. Also, women today often experiment with colors, using the basic technique of labeling the French manicure.

Gel or acrylic nails: which is better?

The choice between acrylic and gel nails, it is certainly not a matter of life and death, but for a beginner can be difficult. But do not you first, do not you and the last, because women have more than 5 thousand years, do manicures, to strengthen, lengthen and make more beautiful your nails.

Acrylic nails.

To make your nails longer, false nails glued to the ends of the natural nail, and the top is covered with acrylic or gel. Acrylic nails are a blend of liquid acrylic polymer powder which is applied on top of the nail. Acrylic nails are cheaper than helium, it is easier to make a house or fix a broken nail. They are also easier to shoot: you need only 15-20 minutes, and acetone. But there are drawbacks. Acrylic nails are harmful to natural nails, and sometimes after taking leave traces.

Gel nails.

On acrylic nails and nail helium lasts longer than natural, though the helium nails look better without the varnish. To perform helium nails, you need more experience. The nail is covered with a thin layer of gel, and then the gel is dried under a source of ultraviolet light. Compared with acrylic, gel nails look more natural, but they are more expensive. But the helium coating is odorless, while the acrylic blend very strong chemical smell. Unfortunately, the gel nails are hard to do, and fix at home. Shoot them too complicated. Since helium does not dissolve the surface with acetone, the specialist should carefully saw off her. Another disadvantage of helium nails that are less resistant than acrylic.

What could be better?

It all depends on the circumstances. If your main concern is to prevent damage to natural nails, then your choice – gel nails because they are more forgiving. But they cost more and make them better in the cabin. If you work a lot with his hands, it is better to choose acrylic nails because they are better preserved, and will cost you less. In any case, consult with experts before making a decision about which artificial nails you choose.

How to give your nails a square shape?

Square nails look good on any hand. If you have long slender fingers, the nails with a square shape, they do not seem overly long. Square nails can be done on artificial or natural nails, long or short. Regardless of the type of your nails, you can make them square on their own or seek professional help. Slightly podpilivaya them every day and moisturize your nails and skin of the hand moisturizer, you can be sure that your nails will always remain in good shape.

1. With the help of cotton wool and nail polish remover means clean nails from remnants of the old paint if necessary. But even if your nails do not paint, you can still do this to remove the nails from dirt and grease.

2. Fill a small bowl of warm water. A few minutes in the water drop your hands to soften the nails and skin around them.

3. Dry nails with a towel, lint-free. Before proceeding to the next step, make sure your hands are completely dry you.

4. Nail clippers, trim the tip of the nail in a straight line up to that length, you want to polish. Cut the nails in one motion, rather than several.

5. Nail files sawdust nails, nail file moving in one direction only.

6. Also in the same direction the tip of the nail sawdust as to obtain a straight line. To do this you need to do a few movements nail file.

7. Corners treat nail nail file to get a little bending. Saw in one direction from the edge of the nail to the center.

8. Wash your hands to clean them of dust after work, nail file.


– If you have natural nails, you have to opilivat their nail file every few days to prevent them from losing shape.

– To avoid the risk of unhealthy nails dry, moisturize them at least 3 times a day.

– Always sawing the nails in one direction, so as not to have formed the jagged edges and damaged nails.

How to give your nails an oval shape?

Taking the form of nails, each guided by personal taste, but preferably at the same time take into account the condition of the nails. Some forms provide better protection for your nails from damage because of their support sustainability nail. Giving your nails oval shape, you risk weakening your nails, because you need opilivat them to get a smooth rounded tip. However, oval nails look good on the hands of the majority of women, because it adds an elegant and feminine hands feel, particularly in cases where the nature of the woman’s thick fingers or large nails.

1. Moisten a cotton pad means for nail polish remover that does not contain acetone. Press down to every nail cotton wool and wipe it from base to tip, to remove all traces of nail polish.

2. Wash your hands and nails in warm soapy water and dry well.

3. With the help of nail scissors or clippers to trim nail nails to desired length. Make sure that all the nails were of equal length.

4. Press down the flat side of a nail file to the lateral edge of the nail and gently sawing in one direction to the tip of the nail, while the lateral side of the nail may become flat.

5. Uniform rounding smooth movements sawdust every nail in the direction of the lateral edge to the middle of the tip of the nail to produce a smooth oval. Always check the shape of the nail from the inside and outside of the palm of his hand, that the oval was a neat and symmetrical.

6. Dip the tips of the fingers in warm soapy water to wash off the dust from the nails.

7. Rub in cuticle cream and nail to the cuticle, to moisten them.


– To find out what shape the nails would be the best your hands, look at the cuticle. The oval shape is perfect for nails, because it reflects the natural oval cuticle.

– When opilivaete nails, nail file only move in one direction. If you saw back and forth, you can damage your nails: they begin to stratify and break.

Strengthen nails at home

Beautiful well-groomed nails – an integral component of feminine beauty and attractiveness. And every woman can make sure that her hands, nails always look flawless. Especially because it is not necessary to disappear for days at beauty salons, spending on manicures pedicures, “frantic” money – many treatments, nail care and can be done at home, emphasizing this very short time.

Why nail care as required? The fact that under the influence of various unfavorable factors, our nails are becoming more subtle, exfoliate, break, get an ugly appearance.

So, how can you help your nails? First and foremost, you should take care of feeding the nails – up to you to ensure your nails healthy substances such as mineral salts, vitamins A and D, calcium and so on.

Need to carefully monitor their diet. Products such as dates, figs, almonds, green vegetables, avocado, yeast, fish, vegetable oils, dairy products, wheat products, whole grains, will help ensure your body, in particular, the nails, all the necessary vitamins and minerals. It should also drink fresh juices from carrots, beets, oranges.

Available over the counter vitamin B7, which is almost indispensable in the procedures for strengthening nails.

In this case, feeding the nails from the inside, do not forget also about strengthening them outside. You can use the ultra-hip modern tonic, established on the basis of diamond microparticles. This tool will create on the surface of the nail strong neat film will protect your nails, give them a healthy shine.

However, more and more popular today are bio-gel, which should be applied to the nail plate before applying polish. It is better to give preference to biogel tocopherol and calcium – tocopherol prevents clean nails, the second will help get rid of the brittleness.

You can strengthen your nails and using different folk remedies, which may be prepared and used at home.

One of the most popular and effective tools are oil bath. For their preparation should be warmed a bit unrefined sunflower oil, which is poured into a suitable bowl and mix with 4-6 drops of an alcoholic solution of iodine. Fingernails are immersed in the mixture and kept there for several minutes.

You can also periodically based on restorative bath salt. To prepare the bath should be a glass of water to boil, put it in one teaspoon of salt. After that, the water should be slightly cool (should remain hot, but it should not burn). Hands dipped into the hot solution for a few seconds (10-15), then rinsed under running water, soak a towel. For a more pronounced effect should be applied to your hands and nails in glycerine.

How to apply varnish to the nails

In order to remain healthy nails and had a nice view, you need to learn how to properly apply varnish to your nails. The most important thing is, that when applied to nails to nail them dry and free of grease. To do this, wipe clean and dry with a towel along the nails. If the nails after the film is oily, you can remove it with nail polish remover, cotton wool for this wet and a bit of liquid nails clean. Through these actions are not clever, nail polish will last for a few days longer. Then apply polish to nails-based, this will prevent possible yellowing of the nail and you will be able to achieve a smooth application of the rest of the varnish.

When you open the bottle when you take a brush, then press it to the edges, thus you remove excess paint.

Often, many begin to paint the nails from the root of the nail, it is a delusion, or you will be more soil and the root of the skin around the nail, it is best to start from the middle of the nail paint and a brush to slowly to the root. Spend a longitudinal strip from the root of the nail to the tip, without stopping and with the same intensity. Then fill in the same way the rest do not already shaded area nail.

When it was painted over the entire nail, you need to let it dry lacquer, usually it takes about five minutes.

Sometimes there are small errors even for the professionals, when applying nail polish – polish gets on your skin. To remove lacquer, used pen, inside it contains nail polish remover. In case you have not found it there, you can use the means at hand, take a stick to clean his ears and a cotton wool impregnated with nail polish remover, then draw a stick where you want to remove unnecessary varnish.

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